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Welcome to my website world of faraway places, innner musings, travel experiences and photographable moments.

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I’m quessing you like to know more about who I am, well my name is Elisa van der Hoop,  I grew up in The Netherlands (obviously!! Just look at that last name!) but I am now travelling the world.

My past isn’t glamorous and I wasn’t a prodigy of any kind. Actually I can remember my first camera, it was one with a roll of film in it, you know the ones you needed to develop and had to wait for weeks before you got to see how the photos had turned out. Anyway a young 10 year old me thought it wouldn’t hurt to get a quick peek….. several times…. I never had the greatest patience you see, and guess what when I got my photos back most were undevelopable and wayyy overexposed. Well after that fiasco I NEVER wanted to take photos again…. 

How that has changed. Over the years I slowly started to pick up the camera. First through the phone (2 megapixel was a thing!) and later back on a digital camera before stepping up and getting a semi-DSLR because of traveling. Now I have 2 DSLR cameras and love taking photos.

Photography is something I’ve always been interested in, I think there is something truly beautiful in being able to capture a feeling or a place and then being able to give that sense of wonder to another person. Another reason why I love making photos is that it’s challenging, it forces me to think creatively, outside the box, to create something that’s different.

I have a gypsy soul, I feel free when I move and wander. I want to do more than merely exist, I want to collect memories and experiences, to live in the present and be me. Through photography I feel as if I can preserve a moment and lets me share them with others (You!).

Now I am travelling the world, my goal is to see every country and document them through photos. I want to experience the world differently and give you a glimpse of what I see along the way.

Check out my Portfolio, read through my stories and if you have any comments or questions don’t hesitate to contact me. If you like what I do please follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

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