It’s something everyone has, but is not always realized. I for one have many fears. Mostly they involve social interactions but mainly it’s about loneliness. I am afraid to be the only one… The only one that isn’t in a relationship, or is in one. The only one to understand something, or not understand at all. The only one to like someone, or dislike them. It’s safe to say the list goes on. However after acknowledging all those fears you’d think I’d be anxious and incapacitated but I’m not. What makes the difference? I believe what makes it different is that you’re aware of your fears and acknowledge that they’re there. I know I have fears and thus I can conquer tehm. For when you know something is happening you can change, you can change the thing you’re afraid of or act on a situation differently. You can make the decision NOT to follow up on those fears and step out of the situation which you don’t like. Choose uncertainty and progress. I choose myself over anyone else, for who will always be there but me. It is difficult to choose yourself and sometimes downright feels impossible, but it’s worth it in the end and it liberates you.

Personally I think some fears are ingrained in your soul, inadvertedly taught by parents,  by a situation or developed over time it feels intertwined with your soul. But they’re not, how you act on them is how you overcome them. Ignoring or not understanding a feeling is not going to help you grow, because the fear will still be there, the feeling will still be there. Feeding your fear, fuelling it will make it worse so what can you do? You Realise what’s happening, try and wrap you head around it and understand, face that fear and develop ways to make you stronger. Reflect afterwards what the situation was and how you dealt with it, and finally grow and be a better, stronger version of you then you were before.

Some people will never even begin to acknowledge they are afraid in the first place and some might brush aside a fear more easily. But what I know and try to do continuously is be conscious about me AND my fears. Fears might be struggled with, overcome, disappear or resurface, but it’s on me to deal with them for the rest of my life and they only promise me growth as a person and more satisfaction in life.

I’m not saying I’m fearful, I’m telling you I have fears but choose to overcome them and grow.

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