Four days in Hong Kong city

I have never been in Hong Kong before and as I do, didn’t prepare myself for anything except the hostel. (not so) Fresh (and super jetlagged) of the plane it was surprisingly easy to find my way around and soon was on the public bus to my hostel in Tsim Sha Tsui. Which I now know is the “Ghetto” of the city, at least according to the information booklet I got at the airport. Good job on that hostel booking you did Elisa! But joking aside the hostel was small but fine and very central so I could go everywhere pretty easily. I only had four days in Hong Kong and because it’s a city I thought it would give me enough time to see it all, oh boy what was I wrong. Between the jetlag, the rain and the demonstrations I barely had enough time for the highlights. 

I’ve seen the avenue of stars (of which I know no stars because they are all Chinese), seen the laser lightshow, been on the ferry, walked through central, found the Man Ho temple but it was closed because of the demonstrations, eaten local food from Hong Kong, been on temple street but half of it was closed also because of the demonstrations, walked in on the demonstrations, then later walked in again when the police showed up (completely on accident I swear), hiked up Victoria peak and stayed there until dark, hiked the Dragon Back trail and found a beach. 

I have seen a lot, but Hong Kong has so much more, Islands, hikes, beaches and experiences. I’ll just have to come back sometime. 

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