“That part of eternity dividing the domain of disappointment from the realm of hope.”

Although It’s easy to search for the literal meaning of the present, the now, a gift, this point in time, it’s a lot more difficult to live by its principles. Then what could be those principles be you might ask? I’ll go ahead and try to explain them through my perspective. I’ll start with telling a story, of which I got my inspiration through a fantasy book.

The story is about a man and his wolf. The man is in constant distress, he regrets and reminiscences his past and constantly worries about his future. The wolf on the on other paw is content, he eats when he’s hungry, sleeps when he’s sleepy and has a friend with a safe and warm place to stay. The man wonders and asks “why do you not think of tomorrow, you might not have all these things.” To which the wolf replies “Why worry about something that is not now.”

This story made me realize that what is most important is the now, the present. Why would you worry about something that might never happen. Why would you live in a place where you can’t change a thing. My point being is that you live NOW. The past is written and gone, the future is a bunch of blank papers still need to be written, but you’re holding the pen.

Humanity stresses and worries and that makes them afraid. What you don’t realize is that everything is only now, is present. Live like you could die tomorrow, because you might. You have to ask yourself, are you happy with the choices you have made, with who you are how you act and what you’ve done? Sure you’ve made mistakes, life isn’t perfect remember, but ask yourself would you be happy with your life is you did die tomorrow? I know I am, I listen to my heart to my soul, to the voice that is inside me and tells me what I want and need. I only need to remind myself that I need to listen. And I have to admit, hardest of all is to be honest to myself.

Being true and honest to yourself in this world of indoctrination, fear and manipulation, of materialism, money and power is a lot harder than you might think. People project themselves on other people and don’t see them for who they are. Which raises the question; what do you do? Do you see them as you want them to be or as they truly are. We often project our own fears and insecurities onto someone else. For some there is no harm, they’re sure of themselves, for others well they start to believe what they’re told. It happens all the time, though media thought to be news, through small nuances and the wording of a sentence. We are made scared to be able to be controlled what we think and what we do. We are made scared to be ourselves and of others. Because what would happen if humanity started caring. Whilst I’m typing this I’m straying from my topic, fear is one of my biggest frustrations.

My point is, don’t be afraid of others of what might happen. Forget the question what if. Don’t dwell on the past, either be happy for what happened or accept that it did happen, because it has shaped you into the person you are today. Life now, do what you always wanted to do, tell people how you feel, quit the job that makes you feel miserable and do something you love. Live life like you die tomorrow and live the life that makes YOU happy. Live life with no regrets.

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