Golden sun shining through grains


Present “That part of eternity dividing the domain of disappointment from the realm of hope.” Although It’s easy to search for the literal meaning of the present, the now, a gift, this point in time, it’s a lot more difficult to live by its principles. Then what could be those principles be you might ask? I’ll go ahead and try to explain them through my perspective. I’ll start with telling a story, of which I got my inspiration through a fantasy book. The story is about a man and his wolf. The man is in constant distress, he regrets and […]


Fear It’s something everyone has, but is not always realized. I for one have many fears. Mostly they involve social interactions but mainly it’s about loneliness. I am afraid to be the only one… The only one that isn’t in a relationship, or is in one. The only one to understand something, or not understand at all. The only one to like someone, or dislike them. It’s safe to say the list goes on. However after acknowledging all those fears you’d think I’d be anxious and incapacitated but I’m not. What makes the difference? I believe what makes it different […]