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Present “That part of eternity dividing the domain of disappointment from the realm of hope.” Although It’s easy to search for the literal meaning of the present, the now, a gift, this point in time, it’s a lot more difficult to live by its principles. Then what could be those principles be you might ask? I’ll go ahead and try to explain them through my perspective. I’ll start with telling a story, of which I got my inspiration through a fantasy book. The story is about a man and his wolf. The man is in constant distress, he regrets and […]

Tui bird in tree with yellow flowers

Milford Sound

Life in Milford Sound Milford sound, or in Maori Piopiotahi, is located on the west side of the south island in New Zealand. There is only one road in which loops around from Queenstown to Te Anau to Milford, in which I’m trying to say it’s very isolated. I would say that Milford is a special place. Not only because of its beauty as a fjord, its history and stories but also because of the people that it attracts to stay. Milford as a town is a community of people who have decided to stay because of work, the people […]

4 days in Hongkong

Four days in Hong Kong city I have never been in Hong Kong before and as I do, didn’t prepare myself for anything except the hostel. (not so) Fresh (and super jetlagged) of the plane it was surprisingly easy to find my way around and soon was on the public bus to my hostel in Tsim Sha Tsui. Which I now know is the “Ghetto” of the city, at least according to the information booklet I got at the airport. Good job on that hostel booking you did Elisa! But joking aside the hostel was small but fine and very […]


Fear It’s something everyone has, but is not always realized. I for one have many fears. Mostly they involve social interactions but mainly it’s about loneliness. I am afraid to be the only one… The only one that isn’t in a relationship, or is in one. The only one to understand something, or not understand at all. The only one to like someone, or dislike them. It’s safe to say the list goes on. However after acknowledging all those fears you’d think I’d be anxious and incapacitated but I’m not. What makes the difference? I believe what makes it different […]

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Welcome to my story

Welcome to my story I’ll use this page as a way to express what I see, feel and yes also struggle with. The ups and downs and the special situations. Long stories, short stories, pictures and thoughts. I’ve been meaning to start this blog to share my travels and experiences with the outside world, it has been 2 ½ years and some countries later and finally I have a blog space I can work with! Better late than never right!? With this blog I’ll continue with the travels to come, rather than dwell and backtrack of what has already passed. […]